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Game News
Greetings and Welcome!

As guild leader, I would like to welcome everyone who will be joining us for the Rift head start before launch. In the coming months, this guild will grow and develop well beyond it's first day, and I have some additional plans I want to implement.

As always, I am open to suggestions, comments, and ideas from our community. If there is something you would like to see, or change you can always run it by me and our Elders.

 - Koss, Leader and Founder of Deus Ex Machina.

Guild News

Head Start Program

Koss42, Feb 24, 11 12:27 AM.
Launch day Rules:

We are a PvE focused guild, which is friendly to RP and PVP.

 - We will limit no one to just one style of play (PVE only, or PVP only, or RP only).

Machina will always be Newbie Friendly.

 -Today, and in the future. Offer your knowledge, time, and help to a member, new or experienced.

Drama for the sake of drama is forbidden.
 - Anytime there is more than one person around, conflict may arise, this is just human nature. The point of
   a guild is to combine our efforts, and our strengths. To work together. And to achieve greatness, in unity.
 - This also means no arguments in the Guild chat. If you have a disagreement, address it with the member privately,
   or with the Guild Officers, Elders, and Leader. If a problem arises that needs to be presented publicly to all the guild,
   the Leader, or Elders will be the ones who do so.

Synergy, synergy, synergy!

 - Helping others is the same as helping ourselves. We shall act together to further our goals.

Don't be Greedy.

 - Your mother taught you to share. And Deus Ex Machina likes mothers. Therefore, share and share alike. Q.E.D.

Do not act against the interests and ability of the Guild, or it's members.

 - Seriously, does this need explaining? If you want to grief others, or hurt the guild from the inside then get lost.

Be Mature.

 - Last, but certainly not least, maturity is the foundation of which our Guild is built upon. If you lack it, then this Guild
   is not for you.
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